The RoadX RH620 is a premium all-position rib engineered with an advanced rubber compound to deliver exceptional tread life. The RH620 features wide circumferential grooves which provide superior water evacuation. Its wide footprint allows for improved load distribution resulting in superior stability at all wheel positions while minimizing irregular wear. ST sizes featuring all steel construction are specifically designed for use in specialty trailer applications.


  • Enhanced rubber compound to increase durability.
  • Multiple rib design delivers exceptional stability.
  • Solid shoulder design.


  • Regional Trucks
  • Pick-up and Delivery Trucks
  • Line Haul Trailers
  • Regional Trailers
Size Ply T.D. Load Index S.S. O.D. S.W. S.L.R. R.W. Load Carrying Capacity
Single lbs. Dual lbs.
235/75R17.5 18 17 143/141 L 31.4 9.2 14.7 6.75 6005@125 5675@125
ST235/80R16* 14 10 129/125 L 30.8 9.3 13.9 6.5 4080@110 3640@110
ST235/85R16* 14 12 132/127 L 31.7 9.3 14.3 6.5 4400@110 3860@110

* All steel construction specifically designed for Trailer application only. Requires special high load capacity wheel. Consult wheel manufacturer for proper application. Tread may differ from image shown.