Provided for safety and informational purposes.

For tires run damaged or with abnormally low air pressure (under-inflated), never re-inflate the tire without first, deflating the tire completely, removing it from the rim, inspecting and repairing the tire properly. This procedure should be performed by a trained and qualified tire technician. Sudden and catastrophic “zipper explosions” may occur when re-inflating tires run damaged or with abnormally low air pressure (under-inflated). Serious injury or death can occur as a result of a "zipper explosion".

  • Completely deflate the damaged/under-inflated tire
  • Remove the tire from the rim following RMA or OSHA tire dismounting procedures
  • Inspect the tire for damage (nails, cuts, liner damage, broken radial cords, etc.)
  • Inspect the rim for damage (cracks, excessive rust, valve stem, valve core, etc.)
  • Repair the tire following the Tread Rubber and Tire Repair Materials Manufacturers’ Group (TRMG) standards
  • Install the tire on the rim following RMA or OSHA tire mounting procedures
  • Using extreme caution, inflate the tire/rim assembly in a safety cage (that meets OSHA guidelines) or restraint device using a remote clip-on air hose. Never hold the tire upright near your body in any position while inflating tires. KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE AND STAY OUT OF THE TRAJECTORY ZONE WHEN INFLATING ANY TIRE

Please consult the websites below for complete instructions. RoadX recommends only trained and qualified tire technicians to perform any tire maintenance, repair, and inspection services.